Perhaps marriages are fixed in heaven, but they are executed on earth and every bridegroom dreams to choose a paradise-like wedding venue. Planning the big day is indeed a task but if you choose the perfect destination its half the work is done.

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According to research, first impressions or opinions are formed within the first few seconds. The appearance, ambiance, and style of the venue primarily constitute the first impression. Therefore it is vital that you choose your venue carefully. Royal halls offer venue banquet halls Haji Ali of varying sizes for events or functions and accommodate approx. 1000 guest There are 2 multipurpose event halls spread over 22,000 square feet, consisting of high ceilings and a huge open pillar-less clean space, allowing to customize event ambiance. The Royal halls offer well designed green rooms, luxurious restroom facilities, fully automatic fire safety measures and hi-tech audio-visual systems. Before finalizing the banquet hall location of the venue plays a crucial role.
If you have guests coming from other states or countries, a wedding banquet hall located centrally and close to the railway station and airport will be a very convenient choice.

There are Some Factors to consider while choosing a venue.

The cost-One of the biggest considerations when choosing which venue to hire is the budget. Different venues may calculate room prices differently, room rental, cost per person and minimum spend are all common and can make a big difference to cost

Date and season-Why is this so important? Well, several factors can influence your preferred date. While the weather’s never certain, you can at least hope for a warm, sunny day for your outdoor event in the summer, and know that a cozy room with a fireplace will be welcoming in the winter. And remember: Any time you book a space with a nice garden, make sure the venue has a Plan B in case it starts to rain

Capacity-Along with the budget, the number of guests is the most crucial aspect of event planning, because it will help you quickly eliminate many venues based on their capacity alone. Choose a venue that’s the right size for your event. Booking a venue that’s just able to accommodate the number of people you expect will help give your event a lively atmosphere and save money. One final detail to consider, however: if you’re promoting an event such as a conference or a party, you may end up with more guests than you expected, so don’t select a place with just the right capacity, choose a roomy space instead

Finance Your Venue- Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, thus the impetus lies in ensuring that this goes glitch-free. Whether you’re planning a local wedding in your hometown or a destination wedding, opting for a wedding package helps make the task a whole lot easier. It helps streamline the preparation for all your various functions, shifts the organizing burden to a trained staff of professionals, and allows you to focus on other aspects of your wedding. It also helps you get a better rate as a single vendor caters to all your wedding deals
Factors to be considered – A pleasant weather is a prominent factor to choose your ideal wedding venue. On the other hand, the exotic wedding experience can be ruined, if the weather happens to turn bad, as a downpour or rising mercury temperatures can make the event festivities difficult for everyone. Another factor to consider is if the proceedings and ceremonies are taking place during the day or late evening. Late evening ceremonies usually call for a gorgeous outdoor backdrop.
An indoor ballroom becomes the most convenient option with the cool air conditioning during summers and decorative shelters during rains. So, take precautions accordingly for a smooth and comfortable wedding.

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