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Important Questions To Ask Before Booking A Marriage Hall.

Important Questions To Ask Before Booking A Marriage Hall.

Booking a Marriage Hall is not an easy task!

A Marriage is a beautiful ceremony for people who are bound to unite together in life. A Marriage ceremony occurs in different styles in different countries according to people’s culture, religion, and lifestyles. The Royal Hall in Worli, Mumbai provides you marriage hall that can justifiably fulfill all your Marriage whims and fancy.

Booking A Marriage Hall

Before booking a marriage hall or entering into a contract — ensure forecast budget, overall plan and vision for the big day, as well as to find out what extra costs and considerations (catering, tables, chairs, transportation, etc.) you’ll have to take into account.

We have created a list of questions likely to ask before booking a marriage hall :

The Marriage Date :

You may have settled on a date but that particular one may not be available. Check with the venue and finalize the date first. Also, ask them how many other events will be booked on the same day. Another important thing to ensure is, if the venue has multiple Marriage halls, check if there’s any other Marriage happening on the same day in order to organize everything smoothly and to avoid any confusion for your Marriage guests.


Food and Beverages, catering services :

One of the most essential thing in the Marriage is to plan for a good catering service. Check for the availability of food items and beverages and ensure the food tastes good and hygienic. If you aren’t happy with the catering service the Marriage hall provides, ask for the Marriage hall if there is an option to bring an outside caterer. In-house catering has hidden charges, you must inquire about the taxes and corkage fee. If you have a particular caterer in mind ask them if they allow outside caterers. If yes with or without royalty?


Who will be the point of contact, staff, and management to deal with?

Ensure who you should contact for any Marriage -related matters and who you will work with on the day of the Marriage. Make sure if you are comfortable and have a good rapport with the person as it would be really difficult to deal with a crappy Marriage coordinator and it may become a mess on your Marriage day. A Marriage is complete when all these things are on hand and planned. Avoid any last-minute hassles, be quick and get hitched in at the perfect moment!

What’s the capacity?

The Royal Halls is a combination of 2 Multi-Purpose Event Halls spread over 22,000 sq feet consist of high ceilings and a huge open Pillar less clean space, allowing to customize Event ambiance These Pillar fewer Halls when combined, can accommodate approximately 1200 guests parking could be tedious especially for an event that hosts a large number of people. Moreover, ensure that there is enough security so that the guests feel safe and secure about their vehicle in their absence. Many venues have strict capacity rules and regulations, so if you think that your guest count is going to be too high, then you might want to look for a different venue or consider trimming your guest list. You also don’t want to have too few guests in a large space – the venue will just look empty!

Do you have enough restrooms for our guests?

The Royal Halls offer green rooms, toilet facilities, fire safety measures and dining experience with top of the line equipped kitchen facilities and fulfill your quest requirements. It is the most important question to ask your marriage hall before you book -is there are enough restrooms for guests? What is the cost of overnight accommodation? If you don’t offer accommodation, do you offer a deal with hotels nearby? 

So what are you waiting for book Royal halls now and experience and make wonderful memories with us

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