Functions Halls Mumbai Maharashtra

Partying and participating, in any event, is definitely enjoyable. But, organizing a successful event is no small feat to achieve.

Planning to host a function? Well, let your thinking end to the best halls of Mumbai – The Royal Halls. It is a combination of 2 Multi-Purpose Event Halls spread over 22,000 sq feet consist of high ceilings and a huge open Pillar less clean space, allowing to customize Event ambiance. Whether you are planning a lavish wedding or a small intimate affair, Royal Halls in Mumbai has a choice of venues you can select from. Our lavish Function Halls Mumbai Maharashtra will dazzle your guests! 

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The expansive Crystal Room with its vast, open space is ideal for conferences, launches, and social events. Royal Halls provide the best site for organizing various functions  such as:

  • Birthday

  • Wedding Ceremony

  • Pre or Post wedding ceremony

  • Anniversary

  • Bachelor  party

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • Farewells or Welcome Ceremony

  • Baby Shower

  • Corporate events like Seminar, Workshop, Lectures, Training, etc.

  • Festive Even

  • Bridal shower

  • Baby shower

  • Small parties etc.

So now you have the occasion at your hand and the perfect venue where it is to be hosted, but it is the layout and seating arrangement that is making you confused exceedingly.

Let’s have a look at some of the seating arrangements that are suitable for different occasions.

  • T-Shaped Style Seating

Function Halls Mumbai Maharashtra  is unique and really fun to go on. In this type of seating in the front, it will be like a column style and from the middle of that row, one straight line will go making the T- shaped seating. It is a fun seating arrangement. You can use it for gaming purposes.

  • Restaurant Seating

It is definitely a great seating arrangement because all will ultimately be able to interact with each other and enjoy together. Eat together. Eating together is a really good gesture as you will come to know each other a lot.

  • Banquet Style Seating

This is the usual style of seating arrangement where the guests are seated around a circular table. This gives them the perfect opportunity to interact with another and every person could see every other person clearly. This kind of seating arrangement is popular for wedding reception, gala dinners, award ceremonies, Christmas or New Year parties and other informal events. The table is surrounded by 8-10 chairs usually.

  • Stand Up Reception Arrangement

This is also an excellent style of arrangement that is flexible and movable enough. With the high-boy tables that are scattered around the venue, the guests can freely roam around the entire site without any need to look after their chairs.

This type of arrangement is favored during some dinner parties, cocktail parties, or any festive event followed by a dance session. The tables are high-rise and are covered with floor-length ties to give an ethereal appearance to the table settings.

  • Theatre Style Sitting

Highly suitable for lectures, performances or seminars, this is one the simplest style of seating arrangement where the chairs are aligned in rows one after another. The seats are looking forward towards the front and the attendees face the stage.

  • U-shape Setup

The seating is in shape of “U” with the tables and chairs arranged in an open-ended manner, all of them facing forward towards the projector screen or podium.U-shape is better when you need more interaction with your audience Conferences, Seminars, workshops, and training are better synchronized with such arrangements.

 The venue is known to offer extraordinary services and hospitality to its guests. It has lush green lawns that can accommodate a huge crowd and multiple banquet halls that are ideal for large to intimate Events in Royal Halls.  Its inviting ambiance which makes everyone feel welcome. Royal Halls also have multiple party areas that can be decorated to complement your occasion or theme. From corporate parties to birthdays – they are equipped to host it all! Apart from impeccable services, the management also provides delectable food for you and your guests. The Royal Halls sets a new benchmark with its banqueting solutions. The experienced team of Royal Halls will be there every step of the way to help you organize some magical moments. The Royal Halls promises the best fun and celebratory parties for your loved ones.  With all the facilities provided by the venue, you can just relax and host your functions at one of the party halls in Mumbai. It offers you an affordable price to make your function a memorable one. It offers ample car parking space, so you need not worry if your guest list is long.

The essential factors of hosting a function in Royal Halls are:

1. Capacity

The first thing to consider when auditioning a banquet hall or event venue is its overall capacity.  The size of the venue you choose will have a definite impact on the success of your event. The Royal Halls can accommodate  approximately 1200 guests for your functions

2. Interiors

The Royal Halls is popular for its flawless interior and decoration along with great hospitality. The comfort of luxury and warm ambiance sets the perfect mood for a lavish function.


4. Amenities

Most venues provide basic amenities for their clients. Depending on the nature of your function, The Royal Halls provides you with various amenities such as supply audio/visual equipment, charging stations, ample of parking space, clean and neat restrooms, and guest rooms.

5.Catering services

Obviously, food is the most important part of any event. From snacks to the main course, desserts and drinks, there is a lot of food management that needs to be taken care of. The Royal Halls provides a pure vegetarian meal. It also provides you with in-door catering as well as outside catering. One can also customize its menu. The catering service is entirely reliable as the cooks are all professional and are trained in several cuisines. The staff over there can manage the menu items as per the requirement of the event and the number of guests invited.