Royal Halls is a spacious and affordable catering hall located in Nsci Dome. It offer a world-class fully veg dining experience with top of the line equipped kitchen facilities. The halls are also treated with the best acoustic soundproof system in the city -ideal for parties, sangeets, and conferences.

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Royal Halls also provide the best panel of caterers and decorators that the city has to offer.  Food is a very important part of an event or celebration so it is important to deliver exceptional customer service and delicious food. Its food and beverage team offers customizable services and makes sure you can pick from a range of delectable Indian and international cuisines.Once you have booked this venue, you can rest assured as the hotel has experienced and efficient team well-equipped to plan and implement all aspects of your event.Royal Halls is popular for its flawless services of indoor catering and decoration along with great hospitality.  It also provides with ample parking space for easy entry and exit of guests. The bespoke menu includes Multi Cuisine like Continental, Italian, Mughlai, Chinese, Indian. Food served is known for purity and quality. The food served is so good that its taste will linger on mind for years. You can always ask for customized decorated fruit corners. Drinks, cocktails, can be arranged on demand.  Any celebration is incomplete with those sumptuous sweets. The catering staff equally manages to serve delectable treats to satisfy all the cravings.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, sangeet, lunch for a client meeting.:

Throwing a party or meeting for lunch and learn, here are a few things you’ll want to consider when hiring a caterer

Arrangements -Before finalizing a hall for catering, Not only consider your food options, but also logistics and details like style options for table settings, bartending services, or how last-minute requests will be managed.

Services and facilities – Royal Halls in Nsci Dome provides different levels of service and facilities. When booking the hall, make sure that the venue can cater to your specific event’s needs. Make a list of those special needs and compare them with the amenities provided by the venue.

Check the condition of the place :

When you are booking the hall, be sure that you are checking the condition of the place before finalizing the entire contract. Check the exit and the entrance of the hall, parking area, lighting and the area of dining. They are very important to judge on


Determine the number of staff needed-Depending upon how many attendees you’ll be serving, you’ll want to discuss with your caterer the number of staff needed for your event.  For buffet-style events, you might not need as many servers, but sit down luncheons may require additional servers.


Quantity and quality -Know the menu,  you will need to determine how much food is needed to serve all attendees.  Once you have a final headcount, notify your caterer of the guest count so they know how much food to provide

What is the capacity?- Another significant factor that you must check is the number of guests the marriage hall can accommodate; a congested space will lead to dissatisfaction of your guests

Always Double Check the Menu –Always have a complete tasting session, and double-check the menu well in advance with your catering service. No one wants a situation where the catering doesn’t live up to the grandeur of the event! Also, remember to have the catering arrangement planned and spread out well over the entire venue.